Resolution on the convocation of the III Congress of the Party

July 17, 2023

Resolution on the Convening of the III Party Congress

In accordance with paragraph 1 of subparagraph 8.3.1. of the Party Charter of the Public Association «Baytaq» The Green рarty of Qazaqstan (hereinafter – the Party):

Convene the regular III Party Congress.
Set the agenda of the congress with the following issues:

  • hearing of the report of the Chairman of the Party Control Committee;
  • hearing of the report of the Acting Chairman of the Central Auditing Commission;
  • reelection of the members of the Political Council of the Party;
  • reelection of the members of the Central Auditing Commission and its Chairman;
  • adoption of the Party Charter in a new edition;
  • hearing of the report on the issue “Attracting new party members”;
  • hearing of the report on the issue “Payment of membership fees”.

Identify the congress venue: Astana city, Tauelsizdik street, house 33, “Alanda” hotel, 1st floor, conference room, date of the event July 22, 2023, time 14:00.

The chairpersons of the party branches are to hold conferences for the nomination of delegates to the congress.
Determine the number of delegates sent to the congress from each branch of the party, three delegates per branch.

Assign the execution of this resolution to the Executive Secretary of the Party.
This Resolution shall come into force on the day of its signing.