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We adhere to the slogan – “Clean air, Clean water, Clean land – Clean human relations!” We demand that the damage to the people and nature of Kazakhstan be compensated. And we believe that the country’s wealth belongs to the people.

We set ourselves the goals of protecting flora and fauna, preserving biological diversity, and introducing global principles of sustainable use of natural resources. We advocate the introduction of environmentally friendly, innovative technologies, digitalization of the environmental protection industry and the education of environmental awareness starting from childhood.

We Greens strive to create a sustainable and healthy society where nature and people can coexist in harmony.

We see that the challenges facing us require decisive action. That is why our party is actively searching for and implementing innovative solutions to solve the environmental problems facing our country. We are committed to sustainable development, quality management of natural resources and creating an environmentally friendly environment for future generations.

The Kazakhstan Green Party “Baytak”, acting in the wake of the policies of President Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev, complements the reforms carried out by the authorities.

The goals of the Green Party “Baytak” are the health and well-being of citizens, protection of the environment and biodiversity, reforms of all sectors of the economy.

During the year of its activity, the party team held more than a hundred events in these areas. Today the party has more than 42 thousand members, 20 branches, 25 maslikhats deputies. In the last elections, more than 140 thousand voters supported us, and according to exit polls, more than 200 thousand.

The team is constantly improving its international and expert experience.

Our projects today are:

1. A digital party model is being developed, in which all functions of party work and interaction with both members and the public will be combined in one functionality.

2. The project for the introduction of drones in all areas is being adapted, especially for fire fighting in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the MENR of the Republic of Kazakhstan for monitoring projects.

3. A draft concept for creating an institute of water diplomacy is being developed. The expert community supported this idea at an international round table organized by the party on August 17, 2023. Also there, the creation of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation was initiated, with which we closely cooperate.

4. The Department of Green Policy of the Baytak Party conducts examinations of environmental projects and environmental audits on an ongoing basis. So, when discrepancies are identified, we go to the courts. The Baytak party repeatedly pointed out violations on the part of ArcelorMittal Temirtau SD JSC and, based on the results of inspections, the authorized government body presented damages for air pollution in billions of dollars.

5. The Baytak Party initiated the association of scientists and experts to thoroughly study and explain to people the energy reform, including the nuclear aspect.

6. The Kazakhstan energy system faces serious challenges associated with outdated thermal power plants (CHP). These problems require urgent and effective solutions to ensure the sustainability and development of the industry. Most thermal power plants were built during the Soviet Union and have long exceeded their operational life. Outdated equipment results in inefficient operation and low productivity, which leads to energy losses and increased fuel consumption. This also increases emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, negatively affecting the environment and public health.

7. International relations have been established with environmental parties in many countries of the world. As part of this cooperation, joint roadmaps for solving environmental problems are being developed. Among the important projects is solving the problems of the Aral and Caspian Sea. The party took part in the most global climate conference COP 28 in Dubai.

8. The Baytak party proposes to create a council of scientists under the party in order to more deeply study the issues of biodiversity and environmental protection.

9. Several healthy lifestyle projects have been carried out: the regular Baytaq Run Fest, many tree plantings, cleanup days, protection of parks and public gardens (Linear Park, Green Urban, City Romance and many others).

10. In order to improve work on climate change, we plan to use the potential of the world’s youth and create an international youth organization to combat climate change on the basis of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or other organizations, the result of which should be the promotion of the ideology of combating climate change, as well as the growth of international young people of a new format for a green world.

11. The party begins work to revive the Almaty aport, which we all love. It is necessary to take the development and image of aport to a new level. According to scientists, aport around the world shows its true quality only in Kazakhstan. Such quality could not be achieved in other places. We’re going back