In light of the need to diversify energy sources and minimize the negative impact on the environment, the Baitak party advocated the development of nuclear energy

January 9, 2024

In light of the need to diversify energy sources and minimize the negative impact on the environment, the Baitak party advocated the development of nuclear energy.

Realizing the complexity of the topic, we have developed a platform for in-depth study and widespread awareness of the benefits of nuclear energy. The creation of such a platform opens up an opportunity for dialogue between politicians, experts and ordinary citizens. Answers to questions eliminate misunderstandings and fears, and transparent information becomes the basis for making informed decisions in the field of energy.

We have realized the strategic importance of nuclear energy for the future of our country. Therefore, our approach to the creation of the site included international experience and active public awareness of the benefits of this energy source. We strive to maintain dialogue and disseminate information about the safety and benefits of using nuclear energy.

The main emphasis of the party on nuclear energy is due to its key advantages. Reliability, efficiency and virtually no emissions into the atmosphere. It also provides an opportunity to reduce dependence on traditional sources such as coal, contributing to environmental safety.

The creation of this site is not just a step forward, but also a strategic decision aimed at training personnel in this area. Experts and specialists at the base of the party conduct in-depth research, studying aspects of the use of nuclear energy from the standpoint of safety, efficiency and environmental impact.

One of the important decisions of the COP 28 climate conference was the construction of nuclear power plants to achieve carbon neutrality and advance in the fight against climate change. Recall that the party’s delegation took part in this conference in Dubai, which was held from November 30 to December 12, 2023. Kazakhstan, having signed the Paris Agreements in 2015, is on the path to carbon neutrality. How to achieve this was one of the main topics of discussion among representatives of the entire planet at this conference.

To reach net zero, global clean electricity production must increase 7 times. In the “Net Zero Emissions by 2050” scenario, the need to decarbonize electricity requires an increase in clean electricity production from the 2022 baseline of 10,595 TWh to 73,030 TWh.
To achieve Net Zero worldwide, it is necessary to add more than 200 kWh of clean electricity per capita annually in the period up to 2050.

Nuclear energy has established itself as the basis for the rapid and sustainable production of environmentally friendly electricity. To achieve Net Zero by 2050, many countries need to build more nuclear power plants.

In the future, nuclear energy has the most proven potential to support the rapid growth of clean electricity production. If geographically limited hydroelectric power plants are excluded, nuclear power accounts for 15 of the 20 fastest clean electricity projects in the world.

The UAE is the world’s leader in the production of environmentally friendly electricity. Over the past five years, the UAE has added 557 kWh per capita of nuclear and solar energy annually, which is 12 times faster than the global average (44 kWh per capita).

Of the 23 countries that met the target for five years, 16 did so through construction, modernization and improvement operation of nuclear power plants. In these 16 countries, nuclear power plants accounted for 75% of the total net electricity added.