Turzhanov Nurtugan*

Candidate for the Majilis

  1. Date of birth (date, month, year) 01.04.1965 
  2. Kyzylorda region, Aral district 
  3. Taldykorgan Law Institute 
  4. Lawyer 
  5. Mangystau Regional Bar Association (MOAA) – lawyer 
  6. Party position: Clean air. Clean water. A clean place. A clean man. 
  7. 1990s: creation of the ecological public organization “Tamshy” at the beginning of the retreat of the Aral Sea; Member and one of the leaders in the Aral region of the “Azat Movement” in the struggle for independence; Participant of the Nevada-Semey-Azgyr conference; Member of the Public Committee on the Problems of the Aral Sea, Balkhash and Ecology of Kazakhstan.

1997-2019. service in the prosecutor’s office (assistant prosecutor, head of the department of the regional prosecutor’s office) and an employee of the judiciary (judge of the city and regional courts, chairman of the district court). Awards: letters of thanks from the Supreme Court, the Regional Court, the certificate of honor of the Tupkaragan district, the rural medal of merit. – The author of the project “Otbasy-LAIF”, created jointly with the akim of the district in order to reduce the breakdown of families.

Since 2020, the organizer of the NGO “Turan Oypaty-Aral tezi” in the Aral region, propagandist of the idea of 1950-60 about the creation of an independent region in the Aral Sea region in the future called “Ogyz”, “Turan” or “Aral”. Participant of the “Aral kuryltayy” in 2021 and who supported the idea of declaring a state of emergency related to drought in the area, one of the organizers of the Baytak-Turan International Ecological Congress “Aral Tagdyry-adam Tagdyry”, 2021-2022 author and organizer of the idea of the international ecological action Ecomarathon-2022 “Aralgaa su kele me?”, author and organizer the ideas of the upcoming “Aral Free Economic Zone SEZ-2023”, under the slogan: “From the ecological disaster zone to the vanguard of the green economy” and the idea of “National Kuryltay- Karakum kuryltayy-2024”. A supporter of the creation of the green party “Baytak”. He is the author of his own book of poems “Zhaukashar”. Active in social networks: YouTube, Facebook channels (business-akound), Instagram “Nurtugan Turzhanov”.