The Green Party “Baytak” opened a public reception in the city of Almaty

October 19, 2023

We are pleased to inform you that the Baytak green party has opened its public reception in the city of Almaty, at the intersection of Tole bi and Nauryzbay batyr streets. Working hours on weekdays from 10-00 to 18-00.

This important step will provide residents with the opportunity to directly interact with party representatives, express their views and concerns, and receive support and solutions to various problems.

The public reception of the Baytak Party in Almaty is a place where every citizen can visit to express their opinions, ask questions, and share their suggestions or problems that they face in everyday life. It operates on the principle of free consultations and provision of information about the activities of the party.

The reception of the Baytak party has become an integral part of the adopted policy of openness and accessibility of party representatives to society. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and dialogue, where citizens have the opportunity to contribute to the political process and make their voice heard.

Currently, city residents are concerned about the environmental situation in Almaty; complaints have already been received about the cutting down of perennial oak trees, about the infestation of trees with pests, and about the reduction of the city’s green fund.

Also, questions were received from city residents regarding the possible construction of a nuclear power plant in the Almaty region, citizens ask for clarification regarding the need and safety of the construction of a nuclear power plant, the public reception staff proposes to hold a round table in the city of Almaty with the participation of prominent scientists and experts on this topic.

An important advantage of a public reception is the opportunity to receive help and support in solving various problems. Representatives of the reception are ready to listen to citizens, assist them and help them find solutions to issues related to housing problems, social problems, healthcare, education and other important issues for citizens.

The public reception of the Baytak party in Almaty actively interacts with authorities and the administration of the city of Almaty to find solutions to pressing problems of society. They advocate for civic initiatives and offer practical solutions to create a better life in the city.

Thus, the opening of the public reception of the Baytak party in Almaty is an important sign of the development of the political process and the desire of the Baytak party to be closer to the people. This is a step forward in creating an open society where rights and opinions are considered and respected. Let us remind you that the work of the same reception desk in Astana receives the best reviews.

We invite all residents of Almaty to visit the public reception of the Baytak party to receive the necessary support and assistance in solving their problems.