The Green Party “Baytak” held a republican congress in Astana

February 15, 2023

The Green Party “Baytak” held a republican congress in Astana. The congress brought together about 200 representatives of the Party from all regions. The main task of the congress was to present a list of candidates for the Mazhilis. The list from the Baytak party includes 18 names plus 4 candidates who will go to the elections according to the majoritarian system. At the congress, the chairman of the Green Party, Azamatkhan Amirtai, raised the issue of poverty.

  • Now different political parties are participating in the elections, what have they done for the people? In the old Majilis, these parties lobbied for laws that do not meet the interests of the people. Business knows how to bargain well, but life is not built on trade.

At the congress there was a discussion and voting for the party’s election platform. The leader of the Green Party of Kazakhstan paid special attention to the social and economic agenda:

In Kazakhstan, about a million people live below the poverty line. This is about 15% of the working population of the country. And this is only according to official statistics. In fact, this figure is much higher.

In the election program of the Party, acute social, political and economic issues have become key:

We stand for a social state and equal access of citizens to the raw materials of our Motherland.

We will ensure public administration reform, where the report of any public administrator will be the cornerstone.

Rejection of one-time policies and management decisions. Evidence-based policy or public policy based on evidence.

We also advocate rationalization and bringing to reality all macroeconomic indicators.

The event was attended by pop stars Nurlan Onerbaev, Kairat Baekenov, as well as the soloists of the Zhigitter group.

The congress was also visited by a public figure and artist, laureate of numerous awards Karipbek Kuyukov, who is a symbol of Semey’s ecological disaster.