Nurkhozhaev Bolat*

Candidate for the Majilis

  1. Date of birth (day, month, year) 06/24/1966
  2. G. Aralsk, Kyzylorda region
  3. Higher
  4. Kyzylorda Polytechnic 1983-1986, Kazakhstan Engineering and Technical Academy 2002-2008.
  5. Builder, Expert Appraiser
  6. Scientific title – no
  7. State awards, encouragement. Medal “For loyalty to the cause of NCE Atameken”, anniversary medal 30 years of the Ministry of Ecology, 25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Letter of thanks from the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Certificate of honor and letters of thanks from the akim of the region and the city, the Department of Ecology, the prosecutor of the region, the winner of the nomination “Defender of nature”, “The best landscaper of the city” of Kyzylorda.
  8. Place of work. Director of ECO-BIO LLP.
  9. Party position. Simplicity, Perseverance, Purity and Naturalness.
  10. Achievements (social work). Member of the public council of the Kyzylorda region 1,2,3 compositions, chairman of the commission on the use of natural resources and the development of aul districts, member of the Regional Council of Entrepreneurs of the KZO. Chairman of the Council for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs at the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the KZO, co-chairman of the NGO “Khalyk uni”, representative for the Republic of Kazakhstan of the International Alliance for Natural Time Supporters “International Alliance for Natural Time”, member of the interdepartmental group of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan to streamline the calculation of time on the territory of the Republic Kazakhstan, chairman of the Kyzylorda branch of the “Kazakhstan Party of Green Baitak”. A proposal was adopted to save the Kambash-Akshatau system of lakes using the Aspay Burmakulak facility, a 3-variant of saving the Small Aral Sea was proposed and accepted by the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea.

On the important issue of public health and the life of citizens, on the initiative, the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 817 dated December 7, 2018 was adopted. on the return of the time zone of the Kyzylorda region. At the moment, work is underway to return the Kostanay region to its time zone and finally solve the problem of calculating time in the territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan.