Koshenov Maral*

Candidate for the Majilis

  1. Date of birth (day, month, year) 07/03/1963
  2. city of Atyrau, Atyrau region
  3. Higher
  4. Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas
  5. Qualification in the specialty; mining engineer
  6. Academic degree, academic title (no)
  7. State awards, honorary titles: Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Uzdik avtokolikshi” dated 01.08.2014. order No. 437-k, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Kurmetti sport kyzmetkeri” 11/29/2019. No. 210-zh / қ, Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 02.12.2021. No. 14814 was awarded the medal “Eren Enbegi Ushin”
  8. Security Service Manager, USS Support Services LLP, Atyrau
  9. Green Party “Baytak”
  10. International class master of sports in Sambo wrestling.