Do we need a nuclear power plant? “Baytak” Green Party brings together experts to analyze energy reform

October 11, 2023

September 12, 2023 at 11.00 at the Silteme press club, Astana, st. Dostyk 3, a press conference of the Green Party “Baytak” will be held on the topic: “Nuclear energy – informed decisions”
In light of the Address of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev, the green party “Baytak” initiates a union of scientists and experts for a comprehensive study and widespread explanation to people on energy reform issues.
“The issue of energy security also requires a solution. In this area, as far as possible, you should rely on your own resources. The key role is assigned to the electricity sector. Over the next five years, at least 14 gigawatts of new energy capacity will be commissioned. Kazakhstan, in principle, should not import electricity and be dependent on neighboring countries. The structure of the country’s energy balance will inevitably change. Therefore, it is necessary to improve approaches to managing the entire energy industry: from generation to sales.
The development of nuclear energy has become a particularly important economic and political issue. You know that there are different opinions about the feasibility of building a nuclear power plant in our country. On the one hand, Kazakhstan, as the largest uranium producer in the world, should have its own nuclear power generation. Some experts are in favor of building stations with small reactors. On the other hand, many citizens and a number of experts have concerns about the safety of nuclear power plants.
It is necessary to continue public hearings and comprehensive broad discussion on this issue. The construction or refusal to build a nuclear power plant is an extremely important issue concerning the future of our country. Therefore, I propose to submit it to a national referendum.” – stated the President.
Today, on the basis of the Kazakhstan Green Party “Baytak”, a platform is being opened for in-depth analysis and joint development of a plan for explaining the environmental and economic components of nuclear energy to the public. The Baytak team will use international knowledge of technology applications in the US, China, France, Japan, Korea and Russia to compare the environmental and economic impacts of different options.
Amirtaev Azamatkhan – Chairman of the Green Party “Baytak”;
Sakhiev Sayabek Kuanyshbekovich – General Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of MERC
Martel Vladimir – Secretary of the Green Party “Baytak”;
Kerey Bekbergen – Deputy Director of the Green Policy Department of the Baytak Party.