“Baytaq” – the “green” party began its work in Temirtau

March 11, 2021

The «Green» Party «Baytaq» has now begun its activities in the Karaganda region. Its main task is to restore the environment and, in general, to provide Kazakhstanis with the right to breathe clean air, access to a safe environment and other social rights.

Since many of the largest enterprises are located in the Karaganda region, the first meeting was held in Temirtau on January 10, 2023, where one of the world’s largest metallurgical enterprises is located, and there is an alarming situation with the environment.

At the meeting with the participation of party leader Azamatkhan Amirtai, issues of establishing a regional branch of the party were discussed, the composition of the counting commission, members of the regional and city political councils of the party, as well as the chairman of the regional and city branches of the party were elected.

So, Kazitov Seiful-Malik Turekhanovich was elected the chairman of the Karaganda regional branch. Kuderinov Murat Tasbulatovich became the head of the branch of the city of Karaganda, and Kozlovsky Artyom Valerievich, the head of the branch of the city of Temirtau, became the head.

Opening the meeting, the chairman of the party, Azamatkhan Amirtay, noted that the main value of the party is a person.

“The creation of the Green Party is a victory for all the people of Kazakhstan. Protecting the environment and people’s health, promoting a healthy lifestyle in our country is a very important area of our activity. These are our core values. We will focus on solving social and economic issues in each region,” he said.

The meeting was attended by members of the political party «Baytaq» in full force in the amount of 128 people.

For reference: the Baytaq party was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 28, 2022. The leader of the party is Azamatkhan Amirtai, an ecologist and member of the National Kurultai.

One of the regions and cities with the most developed industry and accumulated environmental problems is the Karaganda region and Temirtau. In particular, in the city of metallurgists, one resident accounts for a ton of emissions per year.

At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of tons of historical waste in the region, including 120 thousand tons of highly toxic waste, which began to be disposed of in 2022 thanks to citizens, an asset of the environmental party in the region.