Baitak Party is in a hurry to announce great news! The ranks of the Green Party are growing!

February 15, 2023

A well-known ecologist, scientist, public figure, deputy of the 7th convocation of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Committee on Ecology and Nature Management, Aizhan Amangeldiyevna Skakova, was accepted in the capital branch, in the city of Astana, to join the Baitak party.

Aizhan Skakova consistently speaks out on the most acute environmental problems of Kazakhstan and does a lot to solve them in practice – these are the issues of the Caspian, Aral, Balkhash, Semipalatinsk test site, etc.

On her initiative, the Bokey Orda state natural reserve was created to protect the saiga population, issues of biodiversity conservation, rational use of water resources were raised, issues of revising the Red Book of Kazakhstan were resolved.

Skakova Aizhan Amangeldievna, a graduate of the Moscow State University. Lomonosov, has a Ph.D. in Geographical Sciences with a degree in geoecology, was the head of the State Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems of KazNU named after al-Farabi, took an active part in the revival of the Kazakh Society for the Protection of Nature, the activities of the newspaper “Ecological Courier”.
At international symposiums and republican conferences, as an ecologist, she raised issues of global warming, climate change, sustainable development, water security and diplomacy in the countries of Central Asia, has a number of scientific publications in international rating publications on ecology and environmental protection, publications in the media .

In addition, Aizhan Skakov’s active position on the issue of social protection of children, motherhood and childhood is known.

The addition of such a professional in the field of ecology and the environment and political “heavyweight” as Aizhan Skakova to our ranks is a great event for the Baitak party.

The wealth of experience, enthusiasm and patriotism of Aizhan will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the development and promotion of the Baitak party and intensify real work to ensure environmental safety.

We are sure that Aizhan will meet real like-minded people in the Baitak Party, together we will work as efficiently as possible and achieve all our goals!

Welcome Aizhan!