An ecological party “Baytak” appeared in Kazakhstan

February 20, 2023

A new ecological party “Baytak” was registered in Kazakhstan

“In accordance with Article 10 of the Law “On Political Parties”, on November 28, 2022, the public association “Kazakhstan Green Party Baitak” was registered by the Ministry of Justice,” the press service reported.

The basis for registration was the founding congress on the creation of a political party, held on September 24, 2022, as well as the documents submitted in accordance with Articles 6-10 of the Law “On Political Parties”.

According to the Ministry of Justice, at present, due to changes and additions to the legislation on political parties, the procedure for creating parties has been significantly simplified:

the minimum number of an initiative group of citizens was reduced from 1,000 to 700 people;

the duration of the founding congress has been increased from 2 to 3 months;

the registration threshold was reduced from 20 to 5 thousand party members;

the minimum number of regional offices has been reduced from 600 to 200 people;

the term for the formation of party branches has been increased from 6 months to 1 year.