Abdrakhmetov Sapar*

Candidate for the Majilis

  1. Date of birth (day, month, year) 11/23/1986
  2. South Kazakhstan region, Sairam district
  3. Higher
  4. JSC “Almaty Energy Zhane Bailanys Institutes” AIPET, University “Turan”, EE “Almaty Management University”
  5. Power Engineering, Economics, Master of Business Administration.
  6. Academic degree, academic title (if any) – no
  7. State awards, honorary titles (if any) – no
  8. Director, LLP “New Eco City”, Atyrau қ, Guryevsnab 13A
  9. Support of the population, contribution to the solution of the country’s environmental problems, the formation of a clean society.
  10. Other achievements – none